Chicken Invaders 4

We have update alien chickens and it's up to you to protect the planet

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2000 / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 98

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    6.8 (321)

Destroy chickens while in outer space.

This is a classic shooting game that combines the fun of farm animals. Four games are in the Chicken Invaders series. Your mission is to battle a spacecraft that contains a rare breed of chickens. These chickens are looking for some action while they are in space, and your goal in the game is to defeat them with various items like eggs. The chickens on the other hand want to make it to Earth to take over the planet.

The game provides humor while giving you a task to complete to advance to the next level. When you see a chicken, you need to try to hit it as fast as possible. Don't worry about the sounds that it makes as this means that you are hitting the animal. It will try to get away when it sees that you are throwing objects at it, but if you persist, you will be able to knock it down from space. There are chickens that come from the top of the screen as well as those that come in a zig zag pattern. These are the chickens that you need to worry about most because you won't know which way they will turn.

There are some chickens that will drop eggs that you need to avoid. Weapons can be changed during the course of the game depending on how big the chickens are and how many you have to fight. There are certain things you have to do in the final level if you want to win the game.


  • Classic arcade appearance
  • Sounds are funny
  • Some levels are very easy to get through


  • Some levels seem impossible
  • Music can get old
  • There are some glitches in the timing

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